School Staff

B. T. Kelly
Office Administrator:
S. Langill
J. Black (day), D. Kelly (evening)
Teacher Designate:
P. King
Resource Teachers:
N. Kenny and P. King
Library Technician:
M. Doro
Educational Assistants:
J. Paulin
K. Campbell
R. Pierre

Early Childhood Educators:
L. Palarchio
S. Lavergne
N. Scott
C. Levac

Full Day Kindergarten:
A Singer
C Lyons
T Villemaire 
M. Benoit
D. Jackson-Lee
Grade 1:
 - C. Bailey
 - A. Kelly (am)
Grade 2
Grade 2/3
 - B. Wong
Grade 3:
 - S. Hiscoe
Grade 3/4 Extended:
 - A. Radzikowska
Grade 4 Blended:
 - P. King (am)
 - C. McCready (pm)
Grade 4/5 Blended:
  - B. MacDonald (am)
Grade 5 Blended:
Grade 5/6 Blended:
 - C. McCready
Grade 6 Blended:
 - Ann Nielsen
French Teachers:
Grade 1 Extended (am) and Grade 6 Immersion (pm):
 - S. Enright
Grade 2 Extended (am) and Grade 5 Immersion (pm):
 - S. Hadskis
Grade 3 and 3/4 extended (am) and Grade 4/5 Immersion (pm):
Grade 4 Immersion (pm):
Grade 1 Extended (am) and 4,5,6 Extended (pm):
 - C. McNeill 
Grade 2/3 (am) and 4 Extended (pm):
 - J. Donaldson

About Our School

Welcome to St. Philip School

St. Philip School is located in the Village of Richmond. Adjoining communities of Munster and North Gower are served by St. Philip School. We are the home of the St. Philip Falcons!

St. Philip's has extensive facilities including:
Smart Boards in every classroom
Brand New Learning Commons
Large gymnasium & recreation area with play structures
Baseball diamond, basketball nets, soccer field

Student Enrollment: 404
Staff:  35

The experience of the teaching staff ranges from recent graduates to 30 years in experience.

School Day Schedule

9:20 Block 1
10:35 Recess
10:50 Block 2
12:05 Lunch recess
1:05 Block 3
2:20 Recess
2:35 Block 4
3:50 Dismissal

The History of St. Philip Elementary School

St. Philip Elementary School first opened in September, 1960. It began as a building with four classrooms. Mrs. Anne Casey was the first principal of the school. In 1965, a gym was added to the school making it one of the first schools at the time with a quality gym. The school was expanded again in 1970.

An article appeared in The Stittsville News December 11, 1985 about the twenty-fifth anniversary for St. Philip Elementary School. Dr. William Crossan, former Director of the Carleton Roman Catholic Separate School Board, was quoted as saying, "St. Philip's encompasses all that is good from the country and all that is good from the city, coming together to form an outstanding school." A quote which still rings true today.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Sports Teams

Soccer - September
Badminton - January
Handball - February
Basketball - April
Ultimate Frisbee - May
Touch Football - June
Track and Field - June
Floorball - January

Clubs and Intramurals

Green Team
Junior Intramurals
Peer Mediators
Musical "We Are Monsters"